It’s Your Money and Information

Recently I came across a few things about our online privacy and had to talk about them. Companies these days are just going too far trying to obligate you into something without asking first! For example the “opt in” option. The “opt in” option is when a website changes it’s policies and automatically “opts” you into there new program. Facebook recently did this with there users. They created new partnerships with other online websites and if you don’t “opt out” of the option the company shares profile information about you with those websites. Those websites then use the information for things like this site “spoke” a com website. That’s an example of one “opt in” I “opted out” of it right away. Facebook at least told it’s users that they where going to do this but decided to make it sound like they were doing us a favor by saying how great it will be to find “your friends” on other sites!

Other not so obvious things that one needs to watch out for on the Internet is “subscription’s” All I really want to say about this is two things the first is make sure you read every single word of the subscription agreement if your planning on signing up for something. The second is make sure you use a credit card in stead of a debit card to make the transactions in case something goes wrong it’s easier to get your money back using a credit card. “Good Luck With That!” We have all heard the horror stories about companies that sell information about you to businesses, other companies, and people who scam others! When I first learned of this years ago I was outraged! “It’s a racket!!!” I yelled, but what it comes down too is this is how people do business! The fact that anyone can pay a few dollars to an online website and find out personal information about anyone is disturbing don’t you think? For $40.00 I can get your address, phone number, credit score, and a lot more. A good example is my friend Dave applied for a loan from an online website with in a week he was thrilled when a person called him back and said “he got the loan” but come to find out he was being scammed and lost thousands of dollars. I am sorry to say In this day in age your rolling the dice every time you trust someone. The way scamers where able to scam people like Dave and other unsuspected people is because they are able to buy information from credit bureaus, shady business companies, the black market and the information you unsuspectingly provide to them. The bottom line is it’s all about money! If you get anything from this article I hope you walk away more aware of the possibilities of what could happen to you if your not careful online and in everyday life.

Other things to watch out for online:

If you get a email from your social networking sit saying you have a friend request don’t click on anything through your email. go to the social networking site and log in then accept or deny.

If you get any link sent to you from a friend and it looks shady don’t open it and ask your friend if he/her sent it. also watch out for games in the social networking sites there only about one thing and it’s not the game it’s your money! don’t download there tool bars.

Watch out for “phishing” it an attempting to acquire sensitive information such as user-names, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. (Most good security suits add protection with package)

Any time you have to send money to get money stop and think do you really trust this person?. Example: send $2,000 to Spain and in a week you’ll get the $10,000 (It’s your money buddy!)

Make sure to change passwords on occasion and use numbers, upper and lower case letters.

With today’s technology scammers and shady people are increasingly more and more skillful and deceptive in the way they take you for your money or information. Full companies are designed, phone lines and fax lines are set up to make you believe the companies real as in the case of my friend Dave. To find out more about Dave’s situation you can read about it from the Salem news There are many more ways that scammers work but this article is about realizing it could happen to you and basic ways to save yourself

Well that’s it for now I hope this article helped you think about the dangers of buying and selling of information and online scams. If your have any questions feel free to contact our blog. [email protected]