Computer Repair – Basic Starting Up Computer Steps

When we on our computer it starts with basic steps through electricity passed and then Operating System and Central Processing Unit (CPU) start its functioning inside computer hardware. Sometimes it creates some problem even at the starting time but with simple diagnosis and troubleshooting, it can be solved. To understand such type of you must have basic knowledge of how computer hardware works.

First of all when we press ON button the power is supplied to the Mother Board of the system, and then a computer BIOS system goes through with basic input-output steps. It goes to keyboard and other controllers of the system, a blinking light in keyboard and mouse starts blinking. Then a memory is checked in CD Rom, Hard Drive or Floppy drive. Then it goes to boot sector of the system and Operating system which converted it into logo of Operating System which we normally see at the time of starting up of windows or another operating system. In meantime, if its stop working then its hard to identify where the exact problem is. And if it’s working normally working then you can start your daily work and implement your schedules accordingly.

I think this basic snapshot has given you a small but important knowledge of hardware behavior of computers. Advanced knowledge of Hardware behavior is not easy to get instantly but one can know the basic steps to be implemented. There are various parts in a system like Central Processing Unit (CPU), Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) and many more. Then various peripherals can be included like Printers, Speakers, Mouse, Keyboard, External USBs and many more.

Computers have normally a log age but it needs a proper care and attention and one must know it is mostly affected by dust environment and irregular service. Computers can give a better performance only if we keep proper attention on that.