Don’t Miss the Best Sights in Kalkan, Turkey

Anyone planning a trip to Kalkan, Turkey is in for an adventure. There is plenty to see and experience. Whether spending a day or longer, there’s something for everyone to enjoy from outdoor activities to tours, sights and landmarks and so much more.

Consider some of these popular sights, and see them easier by securing an affordable car rental in Kalkan, Turkey. This will allow visitors to see what they like on their own time, and avoid waiting for public transportation.

Xanthos – Lycian Antique City

This archaeological site has been registered on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Visitors will get amazing pictures and create memories at this site which was the capitol of the Lycian federation. There’s a chapel, obelisk, tombs, and amphitheatre dating back to the 8th Century B.C. The Byzantine church features mosaic floors that are spectacular.

When using a car rental in Kalkan, Turkey one can zoom from this site to the next allowing them to experience multiple locations in one day, as this site may take up just a couple hours. The fortress on top of the acropolis is something to behold.

Kaputas beach

Hailed as one of the most beautiful beaches in Kalkan, visitors shouldn’t miss Kaputas Beach. The pebble beach is east of the harbour and features a sandy cove that is the perfect escape at the foot of a mountain gorge.

It is quite the climb down and back up, but the crystal blue waters are very much worth the hike. There is nothing here but sand and ocean with a dreamy breeze so it’s important to bring everything along in a car rented in Kalkan, Turkey.

Saklikent Gorge

As the second largest gorge in Europe, Saklikent Gorge is awe-inspiring at 20 kilometres long. The cliffs and rocks are beautiful at any time of day as tourists can push through large boulders and trek through ocean waters to explore.

Since the water can be cold and move quite fast, many opt to wear water shoes. If none have been brought on vacation, a quick trip in a rental car in Kalkan, Turkey can have you at a facility that leases or sells them for a small fee. It’s worth it to explore!

When finished in the gorge, many opt to dine at a nearby restaurant with unbelievable views.


As one of the six main cities of Lycia, one should make sure they visit Tlos by rental car in Kalkan. Turkey has a great deal of fortresses and ruins that tell the story of its highly interesting past. Catacomb tombs in rock below the fortress in Tlos are best seen from a hike up to the fortress itself.

Market hall, baths, and a Roman amphitheatre are also located here. Hero Bellerophon riding Pegasus, the winged horse can be seen on the Tomb of Bellerophon.

Beach Clubs in Kalkan

After touring the multiple ruins via a rental car in Kalkan, Turkey the best way to end a vacation or even a day on vacation is at one of the many beach clubs. Most are right in the mountainside and feature umbrellas where vacationers can lounge in the sun, enjoy the view and have some drinks and snacks.

One popular club is Kalamar Beach Club. Guests to this club which is about a mile from the town centre can enjoy bouncing on an amazing, floating trampoline, relaxing in paddle boats, and snorkeling in the crystal waters where there are plenty of fish to see. End with a spectacular meal at their delicious restaurant.

Even scuba lessons are offered for those that want to spend the time and money.

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